How I Made a Deal with Time Warner or How to Save $100 a month tax-free

I have been a loyal Time Warner customer for the longest time which of course goes unappreciated for the most part. My old package deal for all three, cable TV, internet and phone used to be in the mid $300s, no kidding. Which didn’t matter back in the day when I still worked, however once I am on Social Security, it started to matter oh so much.

I called TWC and made a deal slashing my then rate in half. This unfortunately started climbing up in the next year over so I wanted to do away with it altogether. After all, I don’t really use the landline phone, and keep watching re-runs on the cable TV that I can perfectly watch on the DVDs. Would love to ditch these two but want to keep internet connection that I can’t live without.

no cable tv

I’m calling time Warner, and the rep plays hard to get. Didn’t we offer you a discount already, he inquires. I’m like yes but it’s not good enough. Being on a fixed income, your bills are eating me up alive. I want to cut out both the landline phone and the cable TV, and live happily ever after with the internet connection only.

Time Warner jaws are incredible. They won’t let you drop either cable TV or the landline, because this would make my internet price go up (like they care). No telling how far up. Finally I’m getting a deal once again slashing my current bill in half and getting some sort of a basic TV, phone and internet. Basic cable is what we used to have free back in the day with the old TVs. Heck, I miss these days. When I’m trying to explain all this to the rep, he gets borderline irritated. We’ve already got you down from there to here. And then he says that a tech will have to come over to change my equipment.

cut the cord

Being unable to sit still, I’m having an online chat with AT&T. Their site advertises a wow deal of only $40 for internet and 200 minutes of landline. This however has to be taken with a grain of salt. Think used cars. The rep first quotes a total price including the modem fee, and then doing a reversal of said fee being extra. I caught this, scrolled up, verified and inquired. She apologized. Hmm. I wonder what else she isn’t disclosing that later will come up and bite me in the ass.

Along the way, AT & T charges you a whopping $99 for the ‘professional installation’ that includes connecting a few wires together. Whaat! They must be outta their mind. I told the rep, there’s no way I’m paying the $99. Will go the DIY route.

As of now, I can have AT & T with their total rate in the $50’s either with the phone or without. This comes with a Rewards Card that is simply a Prepaid Visa Card that can be used for anything but gas purchases. I however can’t sit still as of yet, so am calling my old friend Time Warner.

Actually I called them to verify the appointment time for the old equipment removal, but then I had an eureka moment and told them about the AT & T prices. I told them straight out that unless I get a competitive price, I’m going with AT & T, period.

Bottom line, I got what I wanted from Time Warner. This will save me close to $100 each month Yay!! However will definitely switch to AT & T if I ever move. Would love to change to Comcast that I had briefly and still miss dearly. Will have to research their areas of coverage.

Happy dance


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