Received an eviction notice? Don’t fret

Everything is always okay in the end...

I’ve been there, done that, through no wrongdoing on my part. The entire experience is quite something.

About a week ago I’ve received a 10-day Eviction Notice. It stated that since I haven’t paid the rent, my lease will terminate on a certain date in ten days. At the same time I know that I did pay said rent but the rental office tends to sit on it and not deposit until a few weeks later. So I pretty much ignored this one. However being unable to sit still, I went online and researched.

Turns out that the rental office can’t just show up and kick me out; if they dare to do that, I’ll sue the heck out of them. They need a court order. The procedure is that they file in court and get a hearing in 3 weeks. If per chance said hearing in less than 3 weeks, I can get a continuance, meaning the things will start dragging. Then I can appear in court and state that I have never received a notice. At this point, the case is dropped, the landlord will have to re-send the notice and re-file the case. This means another 3 weeks or more if the courts are too busy.

Of course, this would be mean but at the same time I know for a fact that I always pay my due including said rent.  I was just going to give them a bit of a hard time since I did make my payment.  They’re giving me a hard time, why not return the favor?

The Notice by the way, has stated the amount owed incorrectly. It billed me for a higher rental amount that I actually have to pay. This was my second eviction defense. You won’t believe it how many eviction defenses are available for the asking.

Whatcha know, two days prior to my alleged lease termination and before the rental office would have filed in court, they call me. We’ve having a problem, they say in a sweet little voice. We didn’t receive your check. You owe us so much.

Couldn’t they have done this to begin with?  Beats me.

I’m getting online, logging in to my bank website and open an Official Inquiry. Then I’m calling the Rental Office and notifying them of such.

Oh well. After having heard about the inquiry, my check was being miraculously found. Bingo. So I’m getting back to the bank to cancel said inquiry. The CS thought that the miraculous check recovery was odd. lol. The eviction is off the table. Boom, gone.

Methinks that some rental offices have to put their act together and make sure that they can actually find the rental checks received prior to serving an Eviction Notice for no good reason.

Now when everything is said and done, it’s easy for me to sit back and reflect on what was happening but it wasn’t this way from the beginning. I was in panic, my heart was racing, no doubt I had a BG spike although didn’t check, and my neuropathy has started killing me. I have rented a storage space, now the fee is non-refundable (but was half off anyway), and I was getting ready to end up living somewhere… might be in the storage space for lack of everything else. Oh joy.

Now I feel like celebrating.


3 thoughts on “Received an eviction notice? Don’t fret

  1. Tessa says:

    My son went through that every month. His check was always late, but he knew the system enough to know how long he had before they actually start the process and he had to have the check in. That would be too much strain on me. I would freak out.

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