Apartment Maintenance 101

I blogged about it another day Baby, it’s cold outside… and inside, too.  so here’s the summary of how it works.

If it’s broken, fix it. Don’t replace it, we can’t afford a new heat thermostat all of $5 worth.  Have you ever seen fixing an old ancient thermostat?  I have, therefore – we’re fixing it.

If fixing doesn’t work, replace it. Replacing is always the last resort. Amazing.

If you’re aware that the heat motor on it’s last leg, leave it well alone. Wait for the tenant to call after hours and complain of the thing being DOA and producing no heat. Then tell them to stay put and wait until the next morning. Like, 10 am. Bundle up in the meantime.

End of story at least for the time being.   Am still waiting for the 10 am that is about an hour away.

What to do: move out of that hole as soon as you can. I’m working on it.


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