The Simple Life

What a great way to downsize!


My job right now, my income, is selling my excess possessions on eBay. These possessions amounted to nothing but unnecessary waste and a frivolous endeavor. When Alex and I got to my parents house and I started going through all my things, I was sentimental towards all these possessions that held memories, clothes that I loved because they were made of the finest materials, silks, and leathers. The kicker is, I didn’t even know these things still existed until I found then back at my parents house. I had completely forgotten about my designer collections that had previously consumed me. I had hundreds of dresses, shirts, belts, shoes. Unnecessary excess. I had 89 pairs of shoes. And they weren’t just crappy flip flops or Target shoes. No, I had FRYE boots, Ralph Lauren heels, Chanel heels, 5 pairs of cowboy boots…  I had a Ralph Lauren dress that retailed for well over $8,000…

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