My Humble Opinion About the Cheap Tomatoes Email

I have received an email titled CHEAP TOMATOES that I’m pretty sure everyone is familiar with. Not everything in this email made sense to me, so I am going to comment on a few points. Can’t comment on everything in it, because it’s mighty long.

To summarize, said email implies that our country goes down the drain due to the influx of illegal immigrants from Mexico and all the benefits they allegedly rip for free. IMHO this isn’t entirely true. Besides, no one who lives on this continent can claim first rights to it. We all came from somewhere else; we’ve all needed & received help in our lives before. This is a human nature, not Hispanic nature.
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This example includes an undocumented immigrant with a wife and 5 kids. If he works for $5 or $6 an hour and assuming his wife doesn’t work, his adjusted gross income is roughly $12,000 a year.

On form 1040, he claims a total of 7 dependents including himself, his wife & 5 kids, however this is immaterial and doesn’t play into anything as far as tax return goes. In 2016, the Standard Deduction is $12,600. If you do the math, you’ll end up with a negative amount aka zero. $12,000 – $12,600 = well, you know.

Using IRS calculations, if one has zero income after the Standard Deduction, they can’t even claim Exemptions ($4,000 per exemption in 2016), let alone Earned Income Credit. I mean, what can you deduct from zero? Last I heard, the Treasury doesn’t issue negative currency … Therefore his taxes are zero which is perfectly legal for anyone making $12K a year and in accordance with IRS rules.

Imagine living on $12,000 a year or $1,000 a month. Especially for a family of 7. Impossible IMO

But look at this: this Mexican father reports all his income; kudos to him! How many people actually do this? I know a handful that work for cash. Last time I went to the Best Cuts, the beautician didn’t run my payment through the cash register. Some places will not send a 1099 if you make under a certain amount, consequently IRS isn’t aware of this fact. How many are reporting ALL the tips? Well, you get it.


False. Proof of citizenship is required to qualify. I should have known because I lived there at one point. Besides, Section 8 IS subsidized rent when everyone pays 1/3 of their monthly income. Redundant.


False. Proof of citizenship required to qualify.


Illegal immigrants do not qualify for programs like Medicaid, but federal rules require hospitals to provide emergency care that is MEDICALLY NECESSARY to ALL critically ill or injured patients who come through the emergency room regardless of citizenship or ability to pay. This is due to the hospitals status as non-profit so they get a tax break – ever heard of it? The hospitals don’t pay any property taxes because they’re technically not-for-profit. This doesn’t mean their CEO’s go hungry, but I digress. However the hospitals don’t advertise the fact of being required to provide free medical care to the indigent, and will do all they can to avoid doing so. So this is practically non-existent.

False. Proof of citizenship required to qualify. Besides, they must have contributed into the Social Security system for a minimum number of quarters which here is none. Just imagine how it feels like to be aged, blind and disabled. Have a little compassion.



False. If one doesn’t own a car but takes Rapid Transit instead, they don’t need a car insurance. Likewise, if one doesn’t own a house, what in the world do they need a homeowner’s insurance for? No one will issue a policy to them in absence of home ownership. A rental insurance is a different story. Besides, homeowners insurance doesn’t cost much; only about $10/mo.


5False. I am not paying his taxes; I am paying my taxes that has been around for ages and never went down. Maybe and only maybe, they’ll go down a bit with the next president. Notwithstanding the illegals.

What is ‘their bills‘? Rather vague. In this century with the advanced technology it’s very easy to spend more than you make and then some, while blaming it all on the illegals. How convenient. Some folks tend to always blame someone else for their misfortunes.

The C-Tomatoes email implies that all working Americans have about $12,000 a year net amount left after having paid taxes and bills. Not bad. How much of the $12K is being saved for a rainy day?

I can go on and on but I’d rather wrap up here. I don’t have as much time as OP. Someone apparently has way too much time on their hands; I wonder if OP is even works a full time job. Back to cooking I go.


Thanks for reading all this. The above represents my humble opinion, my 2 cents if you will.

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