How To Choose a Mover

Just ask them how to move a 4-ft rocker recliner through a 3-ft wide door. If they have no clue, move on to the next one. I have had a similar experience with someone from UShip. The UShipper started asking ME, how would you move an object that is wider than the door? Implying that it’s impossible. I was like, oh well, it didn’t come in here on its own so there must be a way.

When I finally emailed the REAL MOVERS and lamented about my dilemma, they knew precisely what to do. They disassembled the darn thing, took it apart in two pieces and then moved through the door. Bingo, the problem is solved.

This actually took place two moves ago. Ever since then, I have been using this question to weed out some former UShippers or the like. It works.

Moving - snoopy dot com

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6 thoughts on “How To Choose a Mover

  1. Annette says:

    Hi there! I am Annette and I came to support you via Jacqueline’s link up. I will be following you now and coming back later this week for an in-depth visit here. Happy blogging 🙂


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