Studio Living Takes Some Getting Used To

I have finally completed my move from point A to point B, done and over with! The final going to and from my old apartment took place at the end of the last month.

Why is it when a neighbor says “I’ll miss you”, I automatically respond with “I’ll miss you too”? That multiplied by a few times (by the different neighbors). Okay, done with that.

I walked out of the building for the last time and took off in my car.

Enter pangs of nostalgia; for some unfathomable reason, I miss my old apartment. It’s been my home for almost two years, and I knew all my neighbors. It dawned on me that the place was empty when I left, and it was still empty. Chances are one can hear echo bounced off the walls in there. Of course, someone will eventually move in and the life goes on. I don’t know why I’m thinking this way but I know this will pass, given time.

And the good part is, one chore is out of the way. I don’t have to keep thinking about going back there and get it ready for the final inspection. My procrastinating nature has contributed to my not going there to finish with the cleaning up until the very last day. This however worked regardless, which proves that procrastination sometimes is a good thing.  I have passed the inspection with the flying colors.

Living in a studio takes some getting used to; I am taking my time to assimilate. The room that combines everything but the bathroom and kitchen, is 15 x 13 or roughly 200 square feet. Most of the furniture is by the walls with the exception of the rocker recliner that I absolutely couldn’t part with. The kitchen is 8 x 5 of which 2 x 5 are taken by the counters, a couple of cabinets and a refrigerator. A portable cooktop sits atop the counter.

The good part is, it’s my own little place; a condo. The monthly fee fits into my budget to a T; definitely better than rent. There’s a room downstairs where everyone can keep a full-size refrigerator. There’s also a storage room located at the farthest corner of the building; I am sure this was made on purpose, as to motivate everyone to exercise. It takes forever to get there; some day I will actually measure the distance.

Here’s a picture of my kitchen; the rest is under construction. The contraption hanging off one of the cabinets is a set of my measuring cups.



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