How To Make Money With Credit Cards Point System

Believe it or not, it is very well possible, tried and true. Tested in my kitchen.

Here’s how this worked for me.

First off, I am usually paying my credit card bills by the due date. Aside of that, some places such as Bank of America have a point system, meaning you get more points as you spend more. The points can eventually expire, in about 3 years I think, so they have to be redeemed rather sooner than later. 3,500 points can get you a gift card that I did once and didn’t like it. I had a $15 gift card for 3,500 points which is 42% ratio. No thanks.

And then I found out that I can actually consolidate points from a few BOA credit cards into one of them which I did earlier this morning. At least 5,000 points can be applied as a statement credit so I had requested just that. $55 with small change will be applied as a statement credit in 3 business days. For me, it’s like getting a free month of High Speed Internet, courtesy of BOA. Love it!

4. Apr 18. 55.89 statement credit on Apr 18

Discover card has a similar program. It allows you to apply ANY amount of points as a statement credit. If you carry a balance, this will definitely help to pay it off.


Happy dance



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