Expressions. Rambling about ‘it’s okay’.

5. May 6. Callout it's okay

‘It’s Okay’ is the most vague expression in English language. Vague and rather tricky. It is spelled out in the present tense but actually means past. Say, you goofed and someone says, it’s okay. Does it mean you can goof again? I don’t think so.

See where I’m going with the tricky part? It’s okay but it’s not okay…

Years ago, my friend Jean rented out a room in her house. The tenant takes a shower and doesn’t clean afterwards. Jean points this out, the tenant says sorry, she says it’s okay. Guess what? Next time he does just the same thing since Jean said it was okay. Jean is pissed and discusses this with me. But didn’t she say it was okay? She goes yes but I didn’t mean that he could do this again!

Perhaps some expressions need a disclosure. It’s okay.


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