Today’s Prompt – Voyage

Currently I am on a voyage for a car.

It looks like a long and bumpy road. My current one is over a decade old, and although the mileage on it is fairly low (under 100,000 miles), I think the time has come for it to go. So I’m contemplating to buy its successor.

Last night I had a brief chat with a salesman. He of course is eager to get me to the dealership, while I am on a fence about it. I totally understand where he’s coming from when saying that they have cars for sale that are not on the website yet. This of course is a bunch of hot air but since he’s doing this for a living, I’ll let him get away with it, while standing my ground.

Which part these salesmen don’t understand when I say that I can’t afford a certain plan? They’re still pushing $200 a month payments, and I politely say, no thanks.  Then this last one came up with a Honda Fit rental deal that is $159 a month.  And sends me to the Honda website.

I won’t lie to you, I am impressed and tempted. I want to have a new car. Heck, I deserve it! However I really can’t afford this. The salesman apparently thinks that I’m bluffing when I once again told him that line along with my credit score of over 800. I of course didn’t disclose that I am on Social Security so he likely thinks that I’m a young employed chick. Oh well.

The temptation is just about killing me.  I love the new Honda Fit, and for some unfathomable reason, that Mystic Yellow Pearl exterior. I usually more into the blues, but this color somehow appeals to me. A new car! This hadn’t happened to me in over a decade.

Will likely pass on this one. Am still on my voyage but have to change gears for a used car.

This post was written in response to the Daily Post Prompt: VOYAGE.

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