Today’s Prompt – Water

6. June 28. Water WSB

I have caught my first fish at the age of 8.

Back then, we still lived in the old country what is now known as Ukraine but then it was Soviet Union.   My parents and I went camping.  We lived in a tent and cooked outside…  I can’t remember exactly the process of cooking while camping, as I wasn’t involved & was always on a run.

The place was accessible only by water, so I got to travel on a ship.  Not a large ship by all means but probably a medium one.  I however could never learn to swim.  Had no fear of water but just couldn’t swim.

I think that I must have been born with a swimming deficiency of sorts.  It’s still here.

So one day I went fishing.  My fishing rod was not nearly as sophisticated as the one in the picture.  It was nothing much more than a line, a hook, and a sinker.  Nevertheless, it worked!  I caught my first fish and was so excited!   I still remember the feeling when the sinker went down and the weight of the fish as it was trying to swallow the hook, the line and the sinker… pun intended.

It was absolutely fantastic experience.   I can still feel it almost literally as I refresh this moment in my memory.  The scent of the river, the feel of the warm sand under my feet, and the fish.  I can live through it once again.

This post was written in response to the Daily Post Prompt: WATER


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