The Daily Post Prompt: Island. Pit Bulls Dilemma

First off, I am all for a ban on the pit bulls across the board, or at least a leash law. DogsBite website calls them aggressive and vicious.  It states that a pit bull is a “compact muscular dog with tremendous jaw strength.” The site continues, when a pit bull attacks, the injury inflicted may be catastrophic.

And this is to put it nicely.

In my neighborhood, there are several documented instances of pit bulls attacking people.  For example, a man was attacked while running.   He describes the dog as being so strong that he couldn’t push him away single-handedly. Luckily, the passers by happened to be in the vicinity and were able to stop the attack. That was a close call.

And as if this wasn’t enough, in the last November a grandma was attacked and mauled by a pit bull who managed to escape through a fence. The dog had a history of repeatedly escaping through the fence but this time his escape proved fatal. What a horrible way to die.

The pit bull owner was sentenced to a couple of years in prison but the horrifying incident can’t be undone. The woman’s granddaughters witnessed the attack and now will have to live with it.

A ban was proposed but surprisingly enough, was opposed by most of the city residents. The City Council voted it down 5-2.

Apparently a word of this city liberal attitude towards pit bulls has reached far out states such as California. At least one ex-Californian named Lisa Smith has moved over here so that she could keep her pit bulls; please note plural. She however had to make a decision to put one of them to sleep because “she knew the dog would eventually attack someone”as it was too aggressive. She also stated that pit bulls can be vicious and that the dogs “are running loose here”.

There are plenty of videos on YouTube depicting vicious pit bulls attacks. DogsBite site has a page devoted to the Victim Voices.

I am all for the ban if you ask me. The pit bulls are vicious dogs, period. If it was up to me, I would gather all of them and buy them a one-way ticket to an uninhabited island, and just leave them there.

And before that happens — should you decide to move to another city, I would strongly advise checking its pit bull policy first.


This blog was written in response to the Daily Post Prompt: ISLAND.


3 thoughts on “The Daily Post Prompt: Island. Pit Bulls Dilemma

  1. richard glendon says:

    You’ve heard all this before but the problem is not the dog, it’s the person who keeps the dog. Our pit bull, who died recently at age 14, give or take, could not have been sweeter or gentler. Despite being rescued from a “shelter” where she would have been killed within a day or two.

    The statistics about dog bites and life threatening attacks don’t support the focus on any breed, even if you imagine that you can define a breed.

    Bravo to Shaker Heights. It happens that I lived in Cleveland for four years while in medical school

    I don’t expect to budge your opinion but it didn’t seem right to sigh and move on.


    • annasdiabetes says:

      How about an experiment? Would you like to be left in a room or other enclosed space alone with a strange pit bull (not your own). I will lock the door but will unlock once you start screaming for help. Given your attitude to the pit bulls, I am 100% certain that you would consent to participating in the experiment.

      In my city as well as across the country, there are documented fatal and non-fatal pit bull attacks. We’re talking about human life that majority of my neighbors are oblivious to and just care about their beloved pooches that kill.


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