The Daily Prompt: Nightmare. Can you live a few days without the internet connection?

Had someone asked me this question prior to this last weekend, I would say no, no way. However I somehow managed to live through this.

It was a quiet and unassuming Saturday afternoon when my Internet connection suddenly was gone. I did the usual, unplug – replug the modem & restart my laptop, to no avail. My next step was calling TWC.

It took about half a dozen calls, each of which had me go through the same old routine of restarting both ends, except one tech for some reason asked the last 4 of my social. Unplug – replug – restart – repeat.  Each call ended with the connection up and running but only about as long as it took to hang up with a tech. And then it would come to a halt.

God bless prepaid cell phones with rollover minutes.

TWC service in relation to the dead modems works the same way as was described in my another post Apartment Maintenance 101. If it’s broken, fix it. Don’t replace but keep on trying to fix it until the customer gives up. Be in a total denial of the modem being hopelessly out.

With my luck, TWC service was closed over the weekend but they could send a tech after the weekend.  Like, on Tuesday.  I told them that it was unacceptable, swore I’d go with the competition that I gave them a brief list of, all to no avail. The first available spot was Tuesday.

Naturally I wasn’t going to wait this long and decided to be proactive. Comes Monday morning, and off I go to the local TWC store to request a brand new modem. My wish was granted, and now I have a brand new one that even works… knock on the wood.

And my nightmare of living without the Internet connection is finally over.



3 thoughts on “The Daily Prompt: Nightmare. Can you live a few days without the internet connection?

  1. jessicasblog45 says:

    A few years ago I switched internet providers so I didn’t have the internet for a few days. I hated watching tv because they always mentioned a website and I couldn’t get on the computer.


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