The Daily Post Prompt: Unpredictable

First off, this post of mine isn’t a political one. I don’t want to post anything political as this subject is very controversial, and I would hate to start arguing about it, much less with my followers or any fellow posters here on WordPress.

Another day I was browsing a local Craigslist as usual, to see what’s going on and maybe find something odd or funny or whatever. This is one of my favorite pastimes.

And then I came across this ad. It was posted in the Domestic Gigs section. In all the years of my browsing Craigslist, I’ve never seen anything like that. Totally unexpected and completely unpredictable, may I say.

Why oh why? I’m still scooping my jaw from the floor…

Here goes:
7.  July 16.  The DP Prompt - Unpredictable - Trump on CL

And here’s the link to it:

This post was written in response to The Daily Post Prompt: Unpredictable.


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