The Daily Post Prompt: Clock

Clocks, clocks, clocks are everywhere. We can’t live without clocks because it’s simply impossible. Nearly every place we look at, we run into a clock. Clocks are on my laptop and on my cell phone, on TV and in my car. Clocks are displayed in the streets for everyone to see.

Wall clocks are my favorite as well as their smaller cousins, watches.

Seth Thomas wall clock

This is a wall clock that looks like a pocket watch. It alone weighs nearly two pounds.

Clocks are impartial to just about anything except maybe their battery life. Clocks are silent witnesses of what’s going on around them, yet they keep carrying on no matter what. Their hands are moving slowly and steadily. Clocks are very motivated and committed, determined and relentless, tenacious and detail-oriented. Clocks have only one thing on their minds and this is telling time.

And the clock is ticking…

Clock is the first thing on my mind when I wake up in the morning. What time is it? Morning already?

This post was written in response to The Daily Post Prompt: Clock.



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