Today’s Prompt: Stubborn. Living on a budget

I’ve been thinking about budget planning for the longest time.  My income is considered low even by Uncle Sam’s standards.  Still, there are so many temptations, my head’s spinning.  I am really tempted to give in to some of them; however knowing that I can’t afford that, is holding me back.

Does that mean that I’m stubborn?  Boy, am I glad that there’s no one to actually ask me this sort of a question.  My kids are always too busy for asking questions which is a good thing.  My friends won’t ask this.  My brother is miles away and we talk on the phone once in a blue moon.  This leaves me alone at the task and I’m just as happy.

For starters, I began writing my shopping lists with the budget in mind.  Like so:
Aug 6.  Shopping List
Swear I’ve never done it this way before.  Surprisingly, it worked although I went a bit over because something that I couldn’t live without was on special.   Still, it wasn’t too bad.  Here’s to hoping that I can carry on this way.

Next I went working on my credit cards that I’m actively using about half a dozen of.  I started watching their respective due dates as well as the closing dates.  The two are spaced about a week apart.  I’m trying; I am really trying to use a certain card after its closing date.  This way I end up paying it later which makes it fit into my budget rather nicely.   And here’s the result with one of my credit cards.  I just love this balance.
ZERO due in Sept 2016
I am pretty sure that this is being stubborn in a good way.  Of course, at the same time I can say that I’m goal-oriented so overall it depends how you look at it.

Have a wonderful weekend now!

This post was written in response to The Daily Post Prompt:  STUBBORN.


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