Today’s Prompt: Complicated

Today I had a photoshoot. I had to take pictures of a few items that were sitting around instead of being listed for sale on eBay. I finally decided that today was the day, and went ahead with taking pictures.

This took forever.

I used mostly my Cannon SX130 camera but when it started going through the batteries like they were water, I switched to my good old Kodak C140. The day was cloudy so I added some (tungsten) light which resulted in, you guessed it, tons of reflections. On top of that, I was getting lots of noise in the pictures, even on the lowest ISO setting (either 80 or auto). Add a few glitches when my computer tried refusing to format the memory card, and you get the idea. It was just one of those days.

Why or why things have to be so complicated?

This post was written to express my disappointment and it just so happened that it could make a good response to the Daily Post Prompt:  COMPLICATED.


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