Today’s Prompt: Confused

Confused. What a great word to think of on Monday morning.

Aug 15.  Hello Monday cup

How about confused words? Like the following:

Accept and Except
Accept means to receive. Example: apology accepted
Except means other than. Example: when I pack, I take everything except the kitchen sink

Affect and Effect
Affect (verb) means to influence, to produce a change. Example: imagination affects every part of our lives.
Effect (noun) means a result of an action. Example:  your driving habits will have an effect on your gas mileage

A Lot and Alot
A lot means many. Example: a lot of people came to the party.
Alot is not a word. There is however a similar sounding word Allot that means to distribute, to give or assign. Example: 15 minutes were allotted to each of the speakers.

Borrow and Lend
Borrow means to take or accept something for a short time and then return it to the owner.  Example: may I borrow a pencil?
Lend means to give something for a short time with the intention of getting it back.  Example: would you please lend me a pencil?

Complement and Compliment
Complement means to complete or to make complete. Example: blue accents complemented the color scheme of the room.
Compliment means to say something in admiration. Example: I take it (the question asked) as a compliment.

And here I will wrap it up for this Monday. Have a great week, everyone!

This post was written in response to the Daily Post Prompt: CONFUSED


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