Today’s Prompt: Carry. I was a better person today

Yes, I was.  Per chance you wonder why, keep on reading.  Usually I tend to be argumentative and a devil’s advocate.  But this time, I decided to change my ways.

My brother called. Actually I was supposed to call him first, being a baby sister after all. He is about 17 years older, he and I have the same mother but different fathers. His dad was killed in a WWII; after the war my mom remarried and had me.

With this age difference, we’ve never had much in common. I have a faint memory of him taking me for an ice fishing when I was a kid. I remember him bringing home a huge reel-to-reel tape recorder and playing it. Although when I gently reminded him of these events, he was like, so what? I think that emotional thinking is just not his piece of bread.

So he called and we spoke. The first thing out of his mouth was, you gave me the wrong number; I tried to call you for days on end, and finally I found it (the right number)! I wanted to say no, no way, I gave you the right one and this is YOU who messed it all up. But to my credit, I didn’t. (am patting myself on the back). Instead, I said in a sweet little voice, oh I am sooo sorry! My bad, I gave you the wrong number, it’s all my fault.

He replied with, that’s Okay. Everyone can mess up once in a while. And we continued to carry on the conversation as usual. A happy ending after all.

Aug 16.  Pat on the BACK

This post was written in response to the Daily Prompt:  CARRY


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