Today’s Prompt: Eyes. Our eyes aren’t the same size from birth

Today’s prompt is about eyes. With my usual procrastination I put off writing about it until I came across an email stating, among other things, that our eyes are always the same size from birth. True to my nature I indulged in right-clicking that produced the following results.

All babies indisputably have big blue eyes which is why we find them so cute and adorable, don’t we now? Speaking of which, proportions of their entire body are different than those of adults. Their eyes appear large and are positioned lower on their faces. Add plump cheeks, a small upturned nose and that sweet smile, well, you get the picture.

However, eyes of a newborn baby aren’t even a full size. Had they been a full size at birth, they would appear about 1.5 times larger than they do. Which would take away the impression of their cute appearance for sure.

As a child grows up, the shape of the face elongates and the proportions change. Just ask anyone who ever drew pictures of children’s faces.

Look at those big blue eyes

Image Credit:

Look at those big blue eyes!

The children’s eyes grow along with their bodies. Eyes grow fastest in the first year of life, and then slow down while the rest of their body catches up. At adolescence, the eyes undergo another growth spurt, and from that point on, their size stays the same for the rest of the life.

And the beauty is in the eye of the beholder, after all.

This post was written in response to the Daily Post Prompt:  Eyes.



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