Today’s Prompt: Fifty. Blog Customization – how to insert ‘Read more’ link

I’ve been blogging for a while, but as far as customization, I am practically at the square one. Today I tried to step off said square. This post is intended for the great blogging minds that are at the same place in time.

It took a good part of the day to try and customize my blog. In the process, I have learned that default features of a certain theme can’t be taken for granted. Switch a theme and be prepared for surprises.

I haven’t switched themes lately, but have been using different ones on each of my blogs. Hence the subtle differences that I noticed today.

In my comeinsitdown blog, I’m using a Twenty Twelve theme… I think. Had to guess the theme as its name is no longer displayed at the bottom of a page. This theme inserts a ‘Continue Reading’ link automatically as a default, whenever someone clicks a Category in the Menu Bar at the top. I absolutely love this feature. It makes everything appear brief and to the point.

Per chance you wonder what I’m talking about, click here and then click on any category other than the first three, in the Menu Bar up on top.

However, in my other blog, websaladbar, I am using a Reddle theme that lacks this feature. So I’ve ended up adding a ‘Read more’ link manually, into each and every post, a fifty-fifty solution in terms that I wasn’t able to use the Continue Reading link as a default so had to make do. This took quite a while but played nicely into my DIY nature. Now I am not changing my themes anymore, ever.

Here’s how to do this. Open a post, click Edit and then go to the HTML tab. Once there, insert this tag:
Aug 22.  Read more LINK

It’s easier to insert by doing ‘copy & paste’ from Microsoft Word or something similar, however feel free to type it in. It’s totally up to you exactly where you want it to be.  It’s your call.

Back to the Visual tab, it’ll look like this:
Aug 22.  More on Visual Tab

The link itself will display when someone clicks on a Category and a whole bunch of posts shows up on the page.

Hope my fifty-fifty solution helps. Of course it’s totally up to you if you want to use this feature at all.

I am going to cover more of the Blog Customization tricks in the future posts. Stay tuned.

This post was written at a spur of the moment but happened to fit right into the Daily Post Prompt: FIFTY


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