Daily Prompt: ECLIPSE


Another day I was blissfully driving down the street when a yellow light popped up on the dash, and my beautiful VW Beetle made a terrifying sound when I stepped on the brake pedal.  This scared the jeepers out of me.  I took a deep breath and made it home in one piece, backed the car into the parking spot and went to my studio to think it over.

4 signsAt first I started going down the way of asking, why me. Once done with that, I decided to be proactive and read the Owner’s Manual which proved extremely helpful. Now I know what the dash light is about; it’s something called anti-slip regulation light. Not that it made my life easier at the moment but certainly will give me a leg to stand on when talking to a shop. However, all the auto shops were closed at the moment, and as luck would have it, this happened right in front of a long 3-day weekend.

Imagine being stuck at home and unable to drive anywhere.   This very thought is just about killing me.  And it’s not that I’m going to run out of food or the like; on the contrary, I have plenty of food to last somewhere close to at least a month.  But I hate the feeling of being stuck.  It’s like being cornered with no way out; eclipsed by a stroke of bad luck.   So here I am, sitting in my imaginary corner and dreaming about this ordeal being over with and my car once again as good as new.   Save a repair bill.

And this is precisely where I am at right now.   This also explains why I took a break from blogging while trying to pull myself together.  I know this sounds like an excuse.

This post was inspired by the unfortunate chain of events and coincidentally by the Daily Prompt:  ECLIPSE.   The timing was perfect.


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