Daily Prompt: RECHARGE

This is an update to my earlier post.   Remember when I cried out that my car was making horrible sounds when I stepped on the brake pedal?   I made it home safely and went to research online.

My googling yielded the solution. Likely it was a rock that has gotten lodged in the wheels. To loosen it, you have to alternate going forward and then backwards a few times. And then I remembered, when I backed into my parking space, this is exactly what I was doing. I inadvertently lost the darn rock thus recharging the situation, and the sound is gone. The light on the dash is gone as well.


And once again, my car is running as good as new. Love it. Yay!!

Welcome to Anna’s garage.  I fixed my car so no towing and no repair bill, at least for now.

Written in response to the Daily Prompt: RECHARGE

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