Today’s Prompt – ZING! I’ve been there

Something strange was going on today, here on WordPress of all places. It could have been a zing, for all I know. Or else, possessed; am not sure which one. Anyway, it happened while I was writing a post.

I was up and ready to write a New Post. However once I got there, I was unable to do anything on the Visual Tab. I promptly found a way around this by clicking the HTML tab and writing there; however couldn’t add an image this way. Zing? So I opened Preview and then clicked Edit. From this point on, everything went fairly smoothly for a while.

Things started zinging again when some rather odd tags were somehow added to my text. A pair of these: <a> and </a> appeared at the odd places. They didn’t create a link but the text started changing colors upon hovering. Rather odd, don’t you  think?  I caught this on preview and deleted the offending tags. So far they didn’t come back.

It’s just one of those zingy days.

And the timing of today’s prompt was perfect. ZING!


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