6 FUN Ways To Spice Up Your Blog!

These are wonderful ideas for any blog

My Bookish Life

How many blog posts, giving you the ‘best’ advice on blogging, have been BORING?

Nearly everyone single one.

Unless you count adding graphics to blog posts, then adding tags and keywords isn’t much, FUN? Is it?

I mean it’s never been fun. But why not?

There are so many fun ways to spice up your blog, gain you more readers and get you more comments, likes and views!!!!

1. Add A Unique Feature!

I don’t know about you, I’ve always wanted to add one of these. Adding a feature, like ‘blogger interviews’ or ‘Daily Discussions’ is always fun. It’s hard to stick out from the crowd sometimes , and adding a fun feature could just  be the thing to give you a burst of traffic! People want unique, so give them it! Make a feature JUST for your blog, to make sure everyone’s screaming for more!

2. Make Your Own Tag/Award

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Today’s Prompt: Fifty. Blog Customization – how to insert ‘Read more’ link

I’ve been blogging for a while, but as far as customization, I am practically at the square one. Today I tried to step off said square. This post is intended for the great blogging minds that are at the same place in time.

It took a good part of the day to try and customize my blog. In the process, I have learned that default features of a certain theme can’t be taken for granted. Switch a theme and be prepared for surprises.
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