Today’s Prompt: Miniature. I am giving a facelift to my blog.

Today I have decided that this blog can use a facelift or at least some makeup. I thought that a new theme will provide the answer; tried a few and decided to go with this one and see how we’ll get along.
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Blog Customization – how to add Navigation Menu to your blog

Navigation Menu is a bar-looking contraption usually located at the top of a page, close to the header area. As I found out the hard way, some themes come with it as a default, while the others don’t.

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Today’s Prompt: Fifty. Blog Customization – how to insert ‘Read more’ link

I’ve been blogging for a while, but as far as customization, I am practically at the square one. Today I tried to step off said square. This post is intended for the great blogging minds that are at the same place in time.

It took a good part of the day to try and customize my blog. In the process, I have learned that default features of a certain theme can’t be taken for granted. Switch a theme and be prepared for surprises.
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Tax Holidays

It goes without saying that when buying clothing or school supplies, at the end you get to pay sales taxes.

Enter Tax Holidays.  This means that once a year you actually don’t have to pay sales tax when purchasing certain items. This event lasts a few lucky days in the month before school starts again so that parents can get tax-free back to school supplies and clothes for their children without paying sales tax. Some states extend this to the appliances, windows, computers, energy-efficient products, etc.

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How to Add a Bullet List to Your Kindle Book

And here’s how to get rid of the bullet points if you don’t want them:

(ul style=”margin-top:-20px; list-style: none;”)

Just replace the round brackets with the tag brackets. You can play a bit with the number of the pixels of the margin-top until you get it to your liking.

Lit World Interviews

Here’s a short tip for you Indie writers this week. With a couple of non-fiction books in the pipeline I spent some time a while ago researching how to put bulleted lists in a Kindle book, but came up with the take home that they are a no-no. I know that use of any type of Word auto formatting in an eBook can cause havoc in the end result. It is possible to create a really good looking bulleted list in my paint software and import it as an image without anyone being the wiser, but it is extra work that I’ve just now discovered doesn’t need to be done. The secret is to avoid the auto formatting.

You could have at a bit of HTML coding if you’re so inclined, as per the example below, but I really am not so inclined right now, so I kept looking. Some…

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