Snail mail problems

All of us are creatures of habit while some are more flexible and adapt to the changes when the time is right. The others are, well, keep up to the old ways no matter what.

Most of my neighbors are the former. They keep posting on the NextDoor website, complaining about their lost or misdelivered mail and efficiently labeling the Post Office bad.

Who still pays their bills by snail mail? My neighbors, that’s who.

So the bill payments are sent by USPS and then get promptly lost. Yet the chain of events continue in the same pattern. Bill payment is sent by snail mail — it gets lost — complain. Complaining to the USPS online falls on deaf ears. Then my neighbors hop in their cars and deliver said bill payment manually.

I can relate as I have been there, however since I switched to the online bill paying, the process goes ever so smoothly. I keep track of this on Excel, take screenshots to keep as a proof of payment, and that’s it. Have never had problems with that.

And my neighbors are still behind. I understand they might be concerned about transmitting their info electronically but how about snail mail? It has all their info, including bank account number, name, address and whatnot. All this has a great chance of ending up in the wrong hands.

What’s more, New York Times reports that the Postal Service now takes a photo of every letter and package mailed in the U.S. and provides that to law enforcement upon request.

Still love snail mail?

Mar 20. TDP Prompt LABEL. Snail Mail

The Daily Prompt: Label


Happy St Patrick’s Day!

St Patrick’s Day is this coming Friday and is widely celebrated throughout the United States. However, meatless Friday presented a dilemma for those who wanted to eat corned beef and cabbage on Friday in the heart of Lent. After all, eating meat is an instinct.

So a special dispensation was issued by a few Catholic dioceses allowing a corned beef meal to be eaten on Friday without failing one’s religious principles.

Have a Happy St Patrick’s Day!

3 Mar 15. TDP Prompt INSTINCT - quote
The Daily Prompt: Instinct

Today’s Prompt: Sated

I had a busy week and have put my blogging on hold in the meantime. A few nice online sales prompted me to make a next step to promote my online shops, on the Facebook of all places. Would love to do this on the WordPress but Facebook is free, can’t beat that.

I haven’t been active on Facebook for a while and the time has come for the reality check. There’s plenty of drama there, some groups have an endless list of rules, very negative, typed in all caps and what not.  Of course, I should have known.

I went around, joined a few of them, then left a few and decided to open my own group. This took about 15 minutes tops including a handmade banner that I absolutely love as it appeals to my DIY nature. Not sure that I can post a link but here’s a picture:


Isn’t that lovely? I had to google the measurements and then it fit like a glove.

But I think I have become sated with all that and am back to posting on my blog.

Big thanks to The Daily Post, for this Prompt – Sated. Your timing is perfect.

Today’s Prompt – Aromatic

The moment I saw aromatic as a new prompt, I immediately imagined late spring or early summer with trees blossoming and aroma in the air everywhere. Awww

Good luck with all that with the first snow and the blossoms nowhere to be found, at least at my neck of the woods. But then again, there’s aromatherapy for bringing the wonders to my body and mind. Relaxing, uplifting, stress-reducing, restoring all my well-being, and whatnot.

This remains on my list of the next projects. For now, a reality check:


Inspired by the seasons change and of course, the perfect timing of today’s prompt – Aromatic

The Daily Prompt: Artificial. My studio-friendly plant.

I live in a small studio and don’t have much space to set up real plants. Yet I still wanted to have some sort of the plants so had to use artificial ones.  Such as for example, this  lovely succulent plant.  It’s maintenance-free save for an occasional dusting.

It managed to fool some of my guests into believing it was real.


Coincidentally, this was one of my first macro photos taken with Canon PowerShot SX130 IS.

This post was inspired by the Daily Prompt:  Artificial