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Garden Dump Soup ~ Plus a Wild-Caught Chinook Salmon!

I just love the name of this soup! Sounds fantastic! Will have to try it in my crockpot


Garden Dump Soup Garden Dump Soup

Our kindly neighbor in back gifted us with two giant zucchinis and a large summer squash just before we left on our trip to the coast last weekend. I packed the largest zucchini and my mandoline and made a huge pan of Zucchini Lasagna in our RV’s convection oven, so that made use of one.

A couple days after we got back, I discovered the other zucchini and squash in the vegetable bin plus a half bag of baby spinach. AND our tomatoes had gone gangbusters while we were gone!

Garden Fresh Veggies Garden Fresh Veggies

Soup was the only thing that came to mind where I could use that many veggies at once, so scoured our freezer for a bit of protein to go with it. I found a 1/2 pound of ground turkey, and about a 1/4 pound of homemade ground hot Italian sausage, which I figured needed…

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Vote Your Conscious In November – Senator Ted Cruz

Good in depth analysis of both candidates. I personally am voting for ANYONE but Trump.

The Main Focus

Who will be our 45th President of the United States of America? As we head for elections this fall, in the words of Senator Ted Cruz from Texas, “Vote your conscious in November.” Watching both the Republican (RNC) and Democratic (DNC) conventions on social media, I come away feeling even more uncertain of either party. Frankly, I dislike both candidates, but out of the mouth of my own elderly father, “Vote for the less of two evils.” Consider which candidate would do less damage in office for the next four years and possibly for the next eight years.

While married, my husband and I were “Conservative Democrats.” My husband was an attorney and worked for the State of Georgia. He became an Administrative Law Judge in 1982, about a year after we were married. I volunteered for the Democratic Party when I entered a graduate (Masters) program in spring of…

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Reminder: We Accept Guest Posts!


Hi everyone! We just want to remind you that we at Serenity accept guest posts! Our blog is all about spreading kindness and peace, while raising awareness about important issues. Some of the topics we discuss include: intersectional feminism, mental health, physical health and well-being, friendship, loyalty, and other social justice topics. While these are the main topics that the blog focuses on, you are more than welcome to send us posts about other topics that you may find important. As long as your posts are full of love, kindness, and respect, we will consider publishing them.

If you’re interested in sending us a blog post, or if you have any questions regarding what you can send us, feel free to email us at: serenity.wordpress@gmail.com. For more information about our blog, click here! If you wish, we will keep your blog posts anonymous. We will also post links to…

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that bench

Beautiful and touching story about a monogamous love of many years

Perspectives on Life, the Universe and Everything

we were together, forever
sat for hours, morning, noon and night
all was good, it was brilliant, bright
time passed so quickly, rather briskly.
sudden departure after fifty short years
clock stopped, still river of sadness, airborne tears
some frozen in my eyes, unable to blink
can not move any limbs, didn’t want to think
all I want is you and me and we be
sitting together, hand in hand to see sunset
or on a cloudy day, let night set
in motion, inkling of another beautiful day
and I miss you, could you find a bench
at the edge of paradise, I will find it
as long, with your sweet smell it drench
though I am not worthy, except belonging to you
which has kept me true, will let me through
rather quietly, into grand, adorned gates of heaven
leftover years of life, perhaps five, six or seven

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