Tax Holidays

It goes without saying that when buying clothing or school supplies, at the end you get to pay sales taxes.

Enter Tax Holidays.  This means that once a year you actually don’t have to pay sales tax when purchasing certain items. This event lasts a few lucky days in the month before school starts again so that parents can get tax-free back to school supplies and clothes for their children without paying sales tax. Some states extend this to the appliances, windows, computers, energy-efficient products, etc.

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Received an eviction notice? Don’t fret

Everything is always okay in the end...

I’ve been there, done that, through no wrongdoing on my part. The entire experience is quite something.

About a week ago I’ve received a 10-day Eviction Notice. It stated that since I haven’t paid the rent, my lease will terminate on a certain date in ten days. At the same time I know that I did pay said rent but the rental office tends to sit on it and not deposit until a few weeks later. So I pretty much ignored this one. However being unable to sit still, I went online and researched.
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How I Made a Deal with Time Warner or How to Save $100 a month tax-free

I have been a loyal Time Warner customer for the longest time which of course goes unappreciated for the most part. My old package deal for all three, cable TV, internet and phone used to be in the mid $300s, no kidding. Which didn’t matter back in the day when I still worked, however once I am on Social Security, it started to matter oh so much.
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How To Save Money With A Credit Card

This may sound odd but tried and true. Yes, you can.  Tested in my kitchen.

Visa card image

1. Pay your bills by due date. This is the most obvious and it’s what I’m doing most of the time, except when a large bill like $500 and up comes my way. Lately I was able to finance a couple of these interest-free which helps; you get to pay off $500 in six months, nice. Most of my bills, however, are up to a $100 or $200 max, and these are paid each month by their respective due dates. Up do date I have never paid an interest on any of my credit cards.
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