Tax Holidays

It goes without saying that when buying clothing or school supplies, at the end you get to pay sales taxes.

Enter Tax Holidays.  This means that once a year you actually don’t have to pay sales tax when purchasing certain items. This event lasts a few lucky days in the month before school starts again so that parents can get tax-free back to school supplies and clothes for their children without paying sales tax. Some states extend this to the appliances, windows, computers, energy-efficient products, etc.

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How safe is to buy, sell or post personal info online?

This is the question of the day. Or the year or just about any length of time, likewise.

A number of sites state that you can get great deals when buying used things online, however not from the legit sources like eBay or the like. The way around this, they say, is using either Facebook pages or Craigslist, both are free. Facebook does run a few local groups that post used items for sale; there are even a few having the words Garage Sale with variations in their titles but these appear to be just some other Facebook groups.
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