Happy St Patrick’s Day!

St Patrick’s Day is this coming Friday and is widely celebrated throughout the United States. However, meatless Friday presented a dilemma for those who wanted to eat corned beef and cabbage on Friday in the heart of Lent. After all, eating meat is an instinct.

So a special dispensation was issued by a few Catholic dioceses allowing a corned beef meal to be eaten on Friday without failing one’s religious principles.

Have a Happy St Patrick’s Day!

3 Mar 15. TDP Prompt INSTINCT - quote
The Daily Prompt: Instinct


Today’s Prompt: Sated

I had a busy week and have put my blogging on hold in the meantime. A few nice online sales prompted me to make a next step to promote my online shops, on the Facebook of all places. Would love to do this on the WordPress but Facebook is free, can’t beat that.

I haven’t been active on Facebook for a while and the time has come for the reality check. There’s plenty of drama there, some groups have an endless list of rules, very negative, typed in all caps and what not.  Of course, I should have known.

I went around, joined a few of them, then left a few and decided to open my own group. This took about 15 minutes tops including a handmade banner that I absolutely love as it appeals to my DIY nature. Not sure that I can post a link but here’s a picture:


Isn’t that lovely? I had to google the measurements and then it fit like a glove.

But I think I have become sated with all that and am back to posting on my blog.

Big thanks to The Daily Post, for this Prompt – Sated. Your timing is perfect.

The Daily Prompt: Artificial. My studio-friendly plant.

I live in a small studio and don’t have much space to set up real plants. Yet I still wanted to have some sort of the plants so had to use artificial ones.  Such as for example, this  lovely succulent plant.  It’s maintenance-free save for an occasional dusting.

It managed to fool some of my guests into believing it was real.


Coincidentally, this was one of my first macro photos taken with Canon PowerShot SX130 IS.

This post was inspired by the Daily Prompt:  Artificial

Today’s Prompt: Millions. Half the internet is down.

I tried to tweet a few blogs that I follow and hit the brick wall. No connection. I thought it was me, so I went ahead and restarted my computer but to no avail. Then I went on googling.

Turned out it wasn’t just me. Twitter is officially down, confirmed, along with a handful others such as Spotify, Shopify, SoundCloud, Netflix, Reddit, Disqus, Paypal, Pinterest and more. Estimated about half the internet is down. I am not sure how close to a million the total number is but the good news is, WordPress is up and running as usual.

All this mess is due to a massive cyberattack. It specifically targeted Dyn, Inc., the company that provides domain name service to these sites.

The White House is aware of the situation, and the U.S. Homeland Security is investigating this.

Here’s to hoping this will get straightened out somehow, rather sooner than later.

This post was inspired by Today’s Prompt:  Millions.