Today’s Prompt – Aromatic

The moment I saw aromatic as a new prompt, I immediately imagined late spring or early summer with trees blossoming and aroma in the air everywhere. Awww

Good luck with all that with the first snow and the blossoms nowhere to be found, at least at my neck of the woods. But then again, there’s aromatherapy for bringing the wonders to my body and mind. Relaxing, uplifting, stress-reducing, restoring all my well-being, and whatnot.

This remains on my list of the next projects. For now, a reality check:


Inspired by the seasons change and of course, the perfect timing of today’s prompt – Aromatic


Weekly Photo Challenge: Transmogrify. Hello, November

Have you ever noticed how time flies when you want it to slow down? It seems that summer was here just about yesterday but it’s actually fall already and the winter is right around the corner. Along the way the nature transmogrifies — boy, am I glad I could spell this word in one sitting.

This plant right outside my window sure has undergone some changes. It went from this


to this


in a matter of a few months. I wonder how long this is in the human years. Decades?

I am not a big fan of winter. I wouldn’t mind if summer or fall, or both for that matter, lasted forever.

Inspired by the seasons change and the Weekly Photo Challenge:  Transmogrify